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How to embed Fathom Analytics

Add Fathom Analytics to your Docs to get more insights

By Stefan
November 1, 2020

Steps to Integrate Fathom with HelpSpace

  1. Create a Site in Your Fathom Account:

    • After setting up your Fathom account, create a new site.

    • Enter the domain of your HelpSpace doc site and click Get site code.

  2. Copy the Embed Code:

    • Fathom will immediately display your embed code.

    • Select Vue.js as the framework.

    • Click on Copy embed code.

    • Click Verify site code. The following screen will appear.

  3. Insert the Embed Code in HelpSpace:

    • Open your HelpSpace Workspace in a new browser tab and navigate to Docs.

    • Select the settings of your doc site and find the Advanced Styling section. Click Show.

    • Insert the Fathom embed code into the field Insert between <head></head> and save the form.

  4. Test Your Site:

    • Open any page of your HelpSpace doc site and click around.

    • Refer to the testing screen on the Fathom page. After some interactions on your doc site, the screen will turn green, indicating successful integration.

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