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By Stefan
January 29, 2021

We are constantly developing new features but the idea of HelpSpace is to keep everything simple and easy. So we need to take our time to think and rethink features. We're are open to feature requests, ideas, and suggestions. Please send your requests to the support team. We will think about it and put it on our list.

Common Feature Requests

The following features have been already requested and we added them to our list for further review. If we decide to implement certain features we will add them to the official roadmap. If you want to get notified please sign up for our newsletter.

Table of Contents for Blog-Style
Like we already have it for the Documentation Style we will add an option for it also on a Blog post.

Searchbar for Blog-Style
Helpcenter and Documentation Style already have a search bar. We will add the same Blog-Style in the next weeks.

We plan to provide webhooks for certain actions like creating customers.

API - Connect with Zapier
We will set up an API to connect HelpSpace with other systems easily. Zapier seems to be a very good choice to connect with many apps real quick. But we will check also other services too.

Mark Ticket Messages as Favorite
These messages will be highlighted as more important than others.

Forward original Message
Button to forward a ticket message to another email recipient.

Features planned for 2021

These features are planned for 2021.

We really can't wait to have tasks just next to the ticket. We plan to start with the development of tasks in 2021.

Features we did in 2020

Big Thanks to all our customers who supported us so far.


Support Widget
Integration for Websites. Small support widget that you can add to your website, help center, blog, or documentation sites. Your customers can write a message which will be sent directly into your workspace. Also, your articles can be searched and integrated directly into your website/web-app through the widget.

Internal Notes on Tickets
Write a note which will not be sent to your customers.

Add Role Team Agent
You will be able to restrict specific agents to see only tickets assigned to their teams.

Trash Bin for your Tickets
We will add a trash bin for deleted tickets. Only admins will have access and can restore tickets. After a certain amount of time deleted tickets will be removed automatically.

RSS for Docs-Sites
Every site has an RSS and JSON Feed. You can disable it in the docs-site settings.

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