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By Stefan
January 29, 2021

We are constantly developing new features but the idea of HelpSpace is to keep everything simple and easy. So we need to take our time to think and rethink features. We're are open to feature requests, ideas, and suggestions. Please send your requests to the support team. We will think about it and put it on our list.

Features planned for 2021

These features are planned for 2021.

Tickets - Advanced Search ONLINE
Add multiple keywords like "show my open tickets from the customer Jennifer that have the tags support and bug" to find tickets easier.

API - Connect with Zapier In BETA
We will set up an API to connect HelpSpace with other systems easily. Zapier seems to be a very good choice to connect with many apps real quick. But we will check also other services too.

We plan to provide webhooks for certain actions like creating customers.

We really can't wait to have tasks just next to the ticket. We plan to start with the development of tasks in 2021.

Forward Messages ONLINE
Button to forward a ticket message to another email recipient.

Wait until and re-open Ticket
Add a date to a ticket when you need to edit it again.

Common Feature Requests

The following features have been already requested and we added them to our list for further review. If we decide to implement certain features we will add them to the official roadmap. If you want to get notified please sign up for our newsletter.

Custom fields
Create custom fields for your customers. Add important information in order to improve your customer support.

Table of Contents for Blog-Style
Like we already have it for the Documentation Style we will add an option for it also on a Blog post.

Searchbar for Blog-Style
Helpcenter and Documentation Style have a search bar. We will add the search to the Blog-Style too.

Advanced User Right Settings
Give users/agents detailed permissions on what they can and cannot do.

Duplicate Doc Articles
Copy an existing doc article in order to use it as a template for a new article.

Advanced Rules
Add new criteria to rules like close a ticket after a certain time.

Docs: Customize Localization
Manually translate the language of your doc sites. You'll be flexible with the localization.

Ticket: wait until
Add a date to a ticket when you need to edit it again. You won't forget it in the future.

Mention @user
Write an internal ticket note and mention a @user. The @user will automatically get a message.

Advanced Reports
Get more information from your data ;)

Customer Profile Page
Check a customer and get an overview of what happened.

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