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Can I upload images from the clipboard?

Yes, but every browser acts differently

By Stefan
February 3, 2021

To speed up your workflow, we've added copy-paste support for inline images. You can take a screenshot and paste it from your clipboard into the "Ticket Reply Editor" or the "Article Editor". The image will be uploaded and added as an inline-image to your message or article in the background.

Take a screenshot and paste it from your clipboard with CMD+V


Please note: We resize inline-images on the server-side. If you want to send untouched files please add them as an attachment to your reply message. Also, we have limited the file size to 10 MB. This should be more than enough.

Every browser has a different clipboard file handling

Realy? Yes, once again there is no consensus on a standard. And currently, it's also not possible to align it on our side. So here is how things are in the different browsers.

Chrome - Good Clipboard Support

The Chrome browser extracts a png image out of the copied file content. If you copy a PDF the first page will be extracted as png and added to the browser clipboard. The good thing is you can also copy/paste parts of files like pdf, eps, tiff, or other files that contain a preview image. But there is also a downside. If you copy/paste an animated gif, it will be added as a png too. The solution for that is simple but not elegant. Just use the image iconimage.png in the menu. In this case, the image will be added as an animated gif. If you copy more than one file, only one will be added to the browser clipboard.

Safari - Best Clipboard Support

Currently, Safari is taking the full file and adding it to the clipboard. That's great. If you copy 5 files, they will all be added to the clipboard one by one. We can grab and upload them all. Copy 5 images and paste them into your message or article. Done.

Firefox - At Least It Works

The behavior is largely the same as that of the chrome browser. However, if you copy multiple files, only the names of the files will appear in the clipboard. Too bad.

Clipboard Behavior Overview




Paste one file from the clipboard
The browser changes any file to png
Original file support
Paste multiple files from the clipboard
What happens if I copy/paste multiple files?
only text is pasted 🤯
1 file pasted
all files pasted 🚀

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