How to edit your profile

By Eva
January 31, 2023

My Profile

You can edit your profile by clicking on the round icon in the upper right corner and select My Profile.

Fields / Functions


Full name 

Full name of the user 


Login name and displayed name inside HelpSpace 


Email of the user 

New Password 

New Password of the user 

Current Password 

Current password of the user 

Two Factor Authentication

Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Job Title

Job Title of the user 

Profile Image 

Profile image of the user 


Address of the user (street) 


City of the user 


State of the user 

Postal Code

Postal code of the user 


Country of the user 

Select a time zone 

Time zone of the user 


Language of the user. At the moment we only have English. 

Notify me via email when there is a new ticket

If true, then the user receives an email when there is a new ticket 

Notify me via email when there is a new reply on my tickets 

If true, then the user receives an email when there is a new reply on my tickets. 


Logs out the current user from HelpSpace. 

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