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Setup a Custom Domain for Docs Site

Add our DNS Record to you domain

By Janis
June 10, 2020

You might want your Docs site to be available from your domain, which might be like Don't worry, we got you covered!

  1. Go to the Docs → Site name and select the settings (gear-icon next to the site name)

  2. Find the field 'Custom Domain'.

  3. Click on the button 'Change' to open a modal.

  4. Enter your domain in the field 'Custom Domain' and save.

  5. After you saved your custom domain, the DNS configuration will appear.
    You need to add this DNS record to your domain config. If you are not certain how to set up your DNS records, you can enter the email address of your administrator to send the instructions to them.

Important Note

We are handling HTTPS certificates on our end. It's not possible to set up your own certificates. Please make sure your provider directs all requests directly to our IP. For instance, in Cloudflare you need to set the option "DNS only" on your entry.cloudflare-dns-only.png

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