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Setup DNS Records for Custom Domains

How to setup a custom domain for your docs site

By Janis
June 10, 2020

You might want your Docs site to be available from your own Domain which might be like Don't worry, we got your covered!

To get started you need to open your Docs site settings and enter your own domain into the "Custom Domain" field and hit the save button.

After saving your custom domain you need to click on the "Show DNS settings" link below the custom domain field in order to show your DNS records.


Now you will see a modal with your DNS configuration info which will look like this:


There are two DNS records you need to add to your domain config.

The first one is needed to request an SSL certificate for your domain which is needed to serve your site via the secure https:// protocol.

The second DNS record is needed to forward requests from your custom domain over to behind the scene.

If you are not sure how to set up your DNS records, you can enter the email address of your administrator in order to send the instructions to them.

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