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Automatically open widget

Some examples

By Stefan
November 12, 2021

Sometimes you my want to open the HelpSpace widget immediately after your website was loaded. Please make sure to add your widget first. How to add a Widget to my self-service site

General wrapper for all following examples

These lines tell the browser to wait until the page DOM is loaded.

// widget snippet script

// additional script
   window.addEventListener("load", function() {

      // insert one of the following examples here


Open widget on any page




Open widget and go to docs


      HelpWidget('open', { docs: true } );


Open widget on a specific page

If you add the script global on your website, but you want to open the widget on some pages only, please customize this example for your needs.


   if(!["/category/page1", "/some-page"].includes(window.location.pathname)) 


For more features please have a look at our Widget Javascript API.

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