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Set up a support contact form on your website

Create tickets using your own contact forms

By Eva
February 12, 2021

In HelpSpace, a ticket is created when somebody sends you an email or writes a message through the widget. However, you might want to add a basic contact form to your website which creates a ticket in your HelpSpace workspace once the form gets sent.

It has a few advantages:

  • You have full control over the layout of your form.

  • It's super easy to set up.

  • You can ask for specific information such as category, phone, or predefined categories.


This table explains what you need to pay attention to when creating a form on your website.




Enter the email address or email aliases of your HelpSpace channel.


Enter the email address that belongs to your site domain, and you are allowed to send from. (do not use the email of the person who submits the form!)


It is freely selectable. It makes sense if the user specifies it.

Additional headers


The Reply-To email must be the person's email address filling out the form. In HelpSpace, this address is used as the sender of the ticket instead of the from address.

Message body

Here are the filled fields and messages from the customer.

Add existing tags

With the custom header X-HS-tags you can provide a comma separated list of tags. Only existing tags will be applied to the ticket.

WordPress Example

Many people use WordPress for their websites. Here is a configuration example using the WordPress plugin Contact Form 7.


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