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Configure your rules

Automation for new incoming emails

By Eva
August 6, 2020

Many tasks are recurring, especially when new tickets arrive. 

For example, you receive a new message with a bug. You assign it to your support team. To simplify this, you can create rules. Incoming tickets automatically assigned to the support with the tag bug. 

Create Rules

Go to Settings → Rules to show all rules and click on the button Create Rule.settings-rule-create-button.png

Enter a Name and a Description.


The rules are divided into two areas


1. Conditions

All incoming tickets are checked. If the conditions are true the system will call the action.



Condition Match Type


Combines all conditions with an AND. All conditions have to be true to call the action.


Combines all conditions with an OR. At least one condition has to be true to call the action.

From Email

Sender email address

CC Email

CC recipient email address

BCC Email

BSS recipient email address


The subject of the ticket

Subject or BodyText

The subject OR the body of the ticket


A ticket has an HTML or a text body.

This field checks the HTML body. Besides the text, you can check for HTML code.


A ticket has an HTML or a text body.

This field checks the text body.




Content is equal to search string

does not equal

Content is not equal to search string


Content contains to search string

does not contain

Content does not contain to search string

is empty

Content is empty

is not empty

Content is not empty

begins with

Content begins with search string

ends with

Content ends with search string

2. Actions

HelpSpace has a variety of actions like adding tags or assigning users and teams.



Assign Agent

Assigns the ticket to an agent.

Assign Team

Assigns the ticket to a team

Add Tags

Add one or more tags

Set Status

Set the status of the ticket

  • Open

  • Escalated

  • Waiting

  • Closed

  • Spam

Delete Ticket

Deletes the ticket

On the right menu, you can change the Name and Description.

Besides, you can change the Status

  • On (green) = The Rule is applied to new tickets

  • Off (grey) = The Rule is not in use

Edit Rule

Click on a rule in the left menu to edit it.

Delete Rule

Click on Delete Rule on the right menu to delete it.

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