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Additional ticket information

Quickly access essential customer information to enhance your communication.

By Eva
February 21, 2020

On the right side of the ticket screen, additional information can be found:

  • Contact information

  • Tasks

  • Previous Ticket

  • Custom Sidebars

This information provides valuable context and helps agents efficiently resolve tickets and support customers.

Contact Information

Quickly see and access the most critical customer information to understand who you are communicating with.


Here is a brief overview of the functions:

Fields / Functions



Customer email. If you hover the mouse over the email, a green icon appears to copy the address.


Customer address 


Notes are only be displayed when they added to the customer profile. 

More button

A compact menu is available, offering the following functions:

  • Edit Profile

  • Change Contact (of the ticket)

  • Mark Contact as Spam

  • Copy Email Address


Support channel 


Assigned team 

Assigned Agent 

Assigned agent 

Created at

Date and time of the ticket creation


When you are editing a ticket, there is a sidebar on the right. Under the Tasks section, you can add a new task by typing its title into the “Add a task” field and pressing enter. The task will be saved, and you can click on it to view or enter the details.


Previous Tickets  

The previous tickets of the current customer are displayed for your convenience. Each ticket is identified by a colored dot that indicates its status. If the customer does not have any other tickets, the relevant section will not be displayed.

To access the details of a ticket, simply click on its title. The top of the preview or related ticket will provide quick access to several functions:

Fields / Functions


Go to ticket 

Opens the ticket in edit mode 


Merges the current ticket with the related ticket 


Opens the previous related ticket 


Opens the next related ticket 

Custom Sidebar

With the custom sidebar, data and information from other apps can be displayed, such as from your e-commerce platform, CRM, or accounting system. This provides a comprehensive view of the customer and allows you to better meet their needs.

To set up the custom sidebar, there are several technical steps that must be completed, which can be found in our documentation.


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