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Configure your organization

Group your customers

By Eva
February 21, 2020

Organizations are a union of contacts of the same company.

In Organizations, you can create, edit, and delete organizations.

Go to Customers → Organizations.

Create an Organization 

Click on the button Create Organization.

Fields / Functions



Name of the organization 


Web Domain of the organization 

Auto-assign customers with this domain 

If a customer has the same domain in his email, he automatically assigns it to this organization. 

Select a time zone 

Time zone of the customer 


Language of the organization


Internal notes. 

Edit Organization 

In the last column, three dots appearwhen you hover it with the mouse. Click on the dots to open the menu and select edit.


Delete Organization 

You can delete an organization. Select an organization and click on Delete at the top of the tableand then Yes, I confirm


Click on Type to add filter.

  • A menu opens and selects a filter, e.g., User.

  • Automatically, a new dropdown appears where you choose content, e.g., Amy. 

  • You can add multiple filters. They are all connected with an OR, e.g., User=Amy OR User=Michael OR Team=Sales. 

If you don’t select a filter, it searches overall.  

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