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It's all about clients

By Eva
March 27, 2020

Manage all your contacts in one place, is it customers, suppliers, partners, or friends.

A contact is created automatically as soon as they send you a message to HelpSpace, or you can add them manually.

Go to Customers → Contacts.

Create Contact 

Click on the button Create Contact.


Fields / Functions


Full name 

Full name of the customer 


Associated company 


Email of the customer

Additional Information

Add further contact details, e.g., phone, Twitter

Job Title

Job Title of the customer 

Profile Image

Profile image of the customer  


Address of the customer (street) 


City of the customer 


State of the customer 

Postal Code 

Postal code of the customer 


Country of the customer 

Time Zone 

Time zone of the customer 


Language of the customer.


Internal notes. The notes are displayed in a ticket in the customer information field. 


Once the contact is saved, you can add multiple Tags

Edit Contact 

In the last column, three dotsappear when you hover it with the mouse. Click on the dots to open the menu and select edit.


Delete Contact 

You can delete a contact. Select the contact and click on Delete at the top of the tableand then Yes, I confirm.  


Click on Type to add filter.

  • A menu opens and selects a filter, e.g., User.

  • Automatically a new dropdown appears, where you choose content, e.g., Amy. 

  • You can add multiple filters. They are all connected with an OR, e.g., User=Amy OR User=Michael OR Team=Sales. 

If you don’t select a filter, it searches overall.  

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