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Create and manage your plan and add-ons

By Eva
February 21, 2020

Navigate to Settings → Subscription to easily set up and adjust your HelpSpace plan. Select a base plan and add extra features whenever you want.


Available Plans

  1. Browse through the available plans and click 'Select' on your favorite.

  2. You'll see a payment pop-up. Enter your Email, Country, and Zip code, then hit 'Continue'.

  3. Choose your payment method: either credit card or PayPal. Do you have a discount voucher or VAT number? Pop it in here.

    Note: Some countries might see a VAT charge, but don’t worry! If you provide a valid VAT number, it'll be refunded, normally in 24 hours.

    To wrap up, click 'Subscribe now' and dive into HelpSpace!

Here, you can switch the plan anytime, too.


Already have a plan? Add more features in a snap:

  1. Hit the 'Add' button.

  2. Select your desired add-ons and quantity.

  3. Click 'Add to subscription'.


Redeem your coupons and view past ones in this section.

Subscription Details

Here, you'll find your current plan, added features, the price, and how long it lasts.

Payment Details

See the payment method you have selected.

Cancel Subscription

Click on the button 'Cancel Subscription' to end your HelpSpace subscription.

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