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How to create a knowledge base

By Stefan
April 2, 2020

These days, every project needs some sort of documentation, blog, or help-center, to help your customers or visitors to get the information they are looking for.

Let's assume that you require a help-center and a blog for your product. Using our HelpSpace Docs you can create both of them by creating sites with different styles.

What site styles do we offer?

We have three modern site styles that suit every need:

  1. Help-Center, the classic knowledge-base

  2. Documentation, perfect for a simple structured page or API documentation

  3. Blog, keep your audience up to date

Each style can be individualized to fit your corporate identity.

How do you access your site?

Every site has its subdomain. You can set a domain like or you could just have your custom domain like Creating your custom domain will be available soon.

What about branding?

Of course, it's important to change the site style to fit your brand identity. No worries, we got you covered! Changing the logo and colors of your site is easily done within the site settings.

What is the writing experience like?

The main focus we have is to provide a pain-free writing experience, since this is the most important thing to be productive and write good content. We kept the editor very clean and minimalistic to remove all distractions and even implemented a "focus mode" Bildschirmfoto-2020-03-03-um-00.23.16.png which will put the editor in front of everything.

With the toolbar, you have many options to format and style your article, like

  • Style text

  • Adding images

  • Embed video, iFrame, or HTML

  • Create a table

  • Link to other Docs Articles


Do I need to manually save my articles?

Articles are always autosaved as working drafts, and these changes will not appear until you publish your new version.

Visibility of a Site

If you want to present a site to your customers, it must be visible. You also find this switch in the settings. By default, a new site is not visible. In that case, the site is behind a login screen.


Sort mode

By clicking on the button 'sort mode,' drag handles will appear behind every article and category. Use this handle to bring your content into the right order.


What about mobile performance?

We aim for fast desktop and mobile performance.


Support for browser reader mode

We fully support reader mode for all major browsers.


Custom Domain

For every docs-site, you can set up your custom domain:

Add tags to articles

You can add tags to your articles and your users can filter categories by tags.

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