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Navigate between tickets

By Eva
March 5, 2020

Ticket Menu

The ticket navigation is on the left side. Each menu item displays a specific view on the tickets.




Tickets not assigned to an agent 


Tickets assigned to the current agent 


Tickets assigned to other agents


Tickets closed 


Tickets flagged as spam 

The number on the right side of a navigation item describes the number of tickets that have to be replied to by an agent. All tickets with status waiting will not be counted. Waiting means that the agent is waiting for a customer response. These tickets are grayed out.

Teams Menu

Additional items can be underneath the navigation. They are displayed if the current user is a member of a team. If you click on a team, all tickets assigned to this team are listed.

Check the Settings > Teams or Settings > Users page if you want to create a team and add a user to it. Or if you want to remove a user from a team.


You can search for keywords inside the current ticket list. The search result is in the ticket list. 

Ticket List  

The tickets are listed here. They are sorted by descending in time. 

  • Greyed out tickets are in the status waiting. Waiting means that the agent is waiting for a customer response. 

  • Not greyed out tickets have to be replied by an agent. 

Displayed information: 

  • Ticket title  

  • Customer name  

  • Photo of the person who responded last with the first view words of the message  

  • Relative time of the last update. The absolute time is displayed in a tooltip if you hover it with the cursor.  

  • Status (colored dot - blue/open, gray/waiting, red/escalated)

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