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The reply-box in detail

Design your message with styles and pictures

By Eva
March 27, 2020

The reply box has multiple functions to design your message.

Fields / Functions



Change the text format to 

  • Heading  

  • Subheading  

  • Normal


Change the text format to bold (and backward) 


Change the text format to italic (and backward) 


Change the text format to underline (and backward) 

Font Color

Change the color of the font 


  • Change the text to list (and backward) 

Code Block

Enter some code (and backward) 

Upload Attachment

Upload an attachment 

Add Image

Upload an image to the text 

  • Upload Image  

  • By Url  

Add Link

Mark a text and click on Add Link 

Quick Replies

You can use text templates to enter it to your message. 

  • Select a quick reply: The text added to the end of the message 

  • Edit a quick reply: Change the title and text or delete the quick reply. 

  • Save reply: Saves the current message as a quick reply. 

Delete draft

The message automatically saves as a draft. You can delete the draft at any time.


Click on the button to send the message. If you click on the arrow, you can 

  • Send and go to next  

  • Send and stay  

  • Change default  

A signature can add automatically. Check the Settings > Channels to configure the signature. 

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