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How to work with tickets

The elementary functions of HelpSpace

By Eva
March 30, 2020

Our primary mission is to help. If a customer has an incident, then they may send you an email. HelpSpace takes the email and displays it as a ticket.

The Inbox


The first page is the ticket section. The inbox is divided into five parts. 

  • Unassigned labels the inbox where everything starts. Check this inbox for new tickets. From here, you begin the support process. The ticket is automatically assigned to the agent that answers first.

  • Mine labels your inbox. All of your assigned tickets display here. You are responsible for replying and helping your customers. 

  • Assigned is the inbox for all other agents. They take care of helping the customers. 

  • Closed is the inbox with all completed tickets for all agents.

  • Spam are tickets you do not want. 

From every inbox, you can reply to a message, change the status, add tags, or assign it to another agent.

Each inbox displays a digit next to the text. It shows the number of tickets and which status is open or escalated. It points out where you have to help. If no digit is displayed, then there are not any tickets awaiting a reply.



Each ticket has a status that describes its current situation. Only an agent can change the status. It correlates partly with the inbox name.

  • Open is the status that the tickets expect processing from an agent. This is indicated by a digit next to the inbox title. Open tickets are at the top of the list. As soon as you reply, the status changes to Waiting. Open tickets are in the inbox Unassigned, Mine, and Assigned.

  • Escalated is the same as the status Open, but the ticket has a higher priority. Escalated tickets are at the very top of the list.

  • Waiting characterizes tickets that awaiting a customer response. Those tickets are in grey. After the customer replies, the ticket changes to origin status (Open or Escalated).

  • Closed describes that the ticket is completed. The tickets are shown in the inbox Closed.

  • Spam is still a thing you do not want. The tickets are shown in the inbox Spam.



The Reply button is the most common function. Click on it to open a new message box to reply to your customers. Here you can alter text size and color, add lists, create links, attach files, or insert pictures. The feature we like to point out: Quick Replies. 

Quick Replies are canned responses that you can add to any message. Write a text, click on the speech bubble icon at the top right, and save it. From here, you can also insert a quick reply to your message or edit them. 

Contact Information


When you check a ticket, you will want to know more about your customer. On the right-hand side, there is a panel with contact details. If you're going to change the details, click on the three dots next to the email address. Here you can find options like edit your profile or change the contact of this ticket. 

Previous Tickets

Previous tickets show all the messages of your contact person that he has sent you before. Click on those to read them or to merge with the current ticket.

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