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How to create a docs site

Create a 24/7 self-service site for your customers

By Eva
March 30, 2020

Docs are versatile sites that can be used for various purposes such as self-service, documentation, blogs, or FAQs. You can choose whether the site is public or intended for internal use. This allows you to easily share information and resources with customers or team members as needed.

Create site


To create a new site, click on Docs and then click on the New Site button. A dialog box will open where you can specify the name and style of the site. If no site has been created yet, a wizard will appear to guide you through the process.

You can select between three styles:

  • Help Center style is a classic representation of help pages, which is very practical for explaining products or solutions.

  • Documentation style is perfect for technical instructions, such as a description of software interfaces.

  • Blog style is probably the most familiar. Keep your customers informed about what's happening with your company regularly.

Site settings

Thereafter, you will come to the settings of the page. It is divided into the following areas:

  • Basic Settings:
    Here, you can adjust the page name and whether it is publicly viewable. If you wish, you can also enter your URL here so that your customers can remember it better.

  • Site Styling:
    Configure the styling, add your logo and adjust the look and feel of the page to match your corporate identity.

  • Options:
    Here, you can specify whether various options are displayed, such as:

    • Show creator on article

    • Show creators on category

    • Show article ratings

  • SEO:
    Adjust important meta fields and an OG image that will be displayed when you share the link to your page.

  • Menu on top:
    Create a menu for the header.

  • Footer:
    Create a menu for the footer.

You can access the settings at any time by clicking on the gear icon located next to the site name in the left-hand navigation menu.

Create categories and write articles


Before you write your first article, you must have at least one category created. To do this, you provide a name, a description, and an optional icon. Then, you click on the New Article button and enter a title.

When writing, there are many ways to present or insert content, such as:

  • Text formatting

  • Images

  • Code blocks

  • Quotes

  • Videos

  • iFrames

  • HTML

  • Tables

You are welcome to explore and experiment with the various functions to familiarize yourself with creating content. Check for more information in the article Create Categories and Write Articles.

In the right sidebar, you have additional options for the article, such as:

  • Publish article (only if the site is public)

  • Set a date for when the page will be published

  • Customize the author

  • Add a custom slug and configure redirects

  • Add tags

In the left sidebar, you see dots in different colors next to the article title:

  • Green = visible and published

  • Red = is published, but the article contains unpublished changes

  • Grey = not published

When hovering over a category or article in the list, a button with three dots will appear on the right. Click on it to reveal actions such as:

  • Create

  • Move

  • Copy Link

  • Delete

At the bottom of the list, there is a button labeled Sort Mode. Click on it to activate it. This allows you to rearrange the order of categories and articles within the site.

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