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Create Categories and Write Articles

By Eva
March 1, 2021


To create and manage categories:

  1. Click the New Category button.

  2. Enter a name and description (both are required, especially for public sites).

  3. The category will appear in the left menu. Hover over its title to reveal a three-dot icon for additional options.

Once added, the category will appear in the left menu. Hovering over its title will reveal a three-dot icon on the right .

Fields / Functions



Edit the name and description of the category


Move the category and the articles to another Docs site


Deletes the category

Create Article

Creates an article for the selected category


Each article is tied to a category and contains:

  • Title & Subtitle: Displayed prominently at the top.

  • Body: The main content, placed beneath the title and subtitle.

You can style and format your content using various tools.

Toolbar Options

The toolbar can be pinned to the top of the article or displayed inline. It provides several formatting options:

White Toolbar

The toolbar can be pinned to the top of the article or displayed inline — switch as you want. At the top, all functions are shown, inline only the essential parts are displayed.


Pinned toolbar at the top


Unpinned toolbar inline




Change the text format to 





Bold.png Bold ⌘ B

Change the text format to bold (and backward) 

Italic ⌘ I

Change the text format to italic (and backward) 

Underline ⌘ U

Change the text format to underline

(and backward) 

Font Color

Change the color of the font 

Bullet List ⌘ ⇧ 8

  • Bullet List Item 1

  • Bullet List Item 2

Ordered-List.png Ordered List ⌘ ⇧ 7

  1. Ordered List Item 1

  2. Ordered Liste Item 2

text-alignment.png Text Alignment


Align the text

Align Left

Align Center

Align Right

Code Block


Enter some code as block or inline

Quote.png Quote ⌘ ⇧ B

Highlight the quote

Link.png Add Link ⌘ K

Add a link

docs-icon-horizontal-rule.png Horizontal Rule

Add a dividing line

Add-Image.png Add Image

Upload an image by file or URL

docs-icon-add-an-embed.png Add Embed


Embed different things

table.png Table CRTL ⌥ _

Quick-replies-1.png Search Docs ⌘ J

Unpin-to-top.pngorPin-to-top.pngPin / Unpin Menu to top

Shows the toolbar on the top or inline

If you create or edit a table, you get an additional row of table tools.



table-delete.png Delete Table

Deletes the marked table

table-add-column-before.png Add Column Before

Adds a column before the marked column

table-add-column-after.png Add Column After

Adds a column after the marked column

table-delete-column.png Delete Column

Deletes the marked column

table-add-row-before.png Add Row Before

Adds a row before the marked row

table-add-row-after.png Add Row After

Adds a row after the marked row

table-delete-row.png Delete Row

Deletes the marked row

tabel-toggle-cell-merge.png Toggle Cell Merge

Merges the marked cells

table-background-color.png Background Color

Changes the background of the marked cell(s)

Black Toolbar

Highlight content to trigger a horizontal black menu with options similar to the white toolbar.


Undo and Redo

You may want to undo or redo while you write an article. Therefore, we have two keyboard shortcuts:

  • Undo: ⌘ Z

  • Redo: ⌘ ⇧ Z

Focus Mode

Focus mode presents just the article content, removing menus and extra details. Its purpose is to ensure users concentrate solely on the text.

  • To activate focus mode, click the icon at the article's top rightdocs-icon-focus-mode-open.png

  • Click on the X to exit the mode docs-icon-focus-mode-close.png

Sort mode

To arrange articles:

  1. Click the 'Sort Mode' button found at the bottom of the Doc menu.

  2. Icons with three lines will appear next to categorize and articles.

  3. Drag and drop them to reorder.

  4. Click the 'Sort Mode' button again to exit.


To publish or unpublish articles, click the Visibility button on the top right.

  • If the site is public (see settings), the article will appear online. A green toggle indicates a published article.

  • To unpublish, click the toggle until it turns red.

When editing a published article, a note with a yellow background reading “This document contains unpublished changes” will appear at the top.

  • To make edits public, click Publish Changes.

  • To discard changes, click the dropdown arrow on the button and choose Discard Changes.

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