The HelpSpace Mission

By Eva
April 3, 2020

HelpSpace is a help desk app that is easy to use with a simple workflow. We designed the onboarding process to be fast and efficient to get you up and running in no time.

Below you can find four simple steps to get started.

Step 1: Channel

Channels are ways of receiving messages from your customers. With each channel, you can receive and send messages. Many of our customers use an email address like You can set up multiple email channels for different email addresses according to the channel limit of your subscription plan.

Step 2: Basic Configuration

You can set up things like a company-wide signature, ticket tags, quick replies, teams, agents, and much more.

If you completed the last two steps you are already all set up and ready to help your customers 🚀

Step 3: Tickets

It's necessary to learn how tickets work. Try to send an email to your HelpSpace app. As soon as the email is in HelpSpace a ticket will be created. Reply to the ticket and test the different options to format your text. If you want, you can add pictures too.

You can also assign a ticket to your team members, change the status, or add tags. Many users like the Quick Reply functions. You create text modules that you can add to any message.

Step 4: Docs

After you feel confident using the tickets, we recommend creating docs. Docs are sites with information for your customers, or you can use it for internal documentation, support pages (like this), manuals, or blogs. 

Test out HelpSpace with a free trial.

And please, contact us if you need any assistance. We aim to help!

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